Home Truths

– “La Postoca” has exposed staircases, multilevels and large windows. We recommend that clients with small children be especially vigilant to avoid any possible accidents. Any accidents are not the responsibility of “La Postoca” as stated in our Terms and Conditions

– Sleeping masks are available for clients as the bedrooms in “La Postoca” are not completely dark at nighttime

– The garage is a storage space for canoes, surfboards, bicycles and other material and is not spacious enough for most cars, however if needed there is enough space for smaller vehicles

– One of the bedrooms has a bunk bed which sleeps 2 people, this bedroom is not as spacious as the other bedrooms

– Viavélez is a very small village and has no shops or services. However in the larger village of La Caridad, which is 2 km away, shops and services including groceries, banks, physicians, pharmacies, hardware stores etc…are available